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SPH is Rewarded Gold in Indonesia Green Awards 2010

06 August 2010

Global Conference of Climate Change is a fact confirming the world of how worse climate change affects the earth. Shortly, a number of green policies are taken as efforts to minimize instability of climate change.

Surabaya Plaza Hotel established as the only smoke free hotel in town since 1 February 2009, initiates to give rise to a healthy environment. The policy to be 100% smoke free followed by compliments, supports, controversies and appreciations is indeed a starting contribution to green policy.

After all the efforts and controversies, Surabaya Plaza Hotel with its smoke free program is compensated a national award called “Indonesia Green Awards (IGA) 2010”. This Award is an appreciation dedicated to Companies, Organizations, Medias, Cities and Provinces which is successful to apply green policy to its entity. IGA 2010 is hold by Majalah Bisnis and CSR and supported by DPD – RI and The La Tofi School of Corporate Social Responsibility. They select 54 entities from the whole country they considered ought to have the award which is distributed into four categories: gold, silver, bronze and certification. SPH’s total contribution to take a part in global climate enhancement is rewarded by “gold” as the highest category in Best Indonesia Green Hotel. Other nominees are some hotels in Bali, Jakarta and Jogjakarta.  

There are 10 other categories. Those regardless of Best Indonesia Green Hotel which are awarded in Ruang Serbaguna Nareswara Gedung Smesco UKM Jakarta are Best Indonesia Green CSR, Mining, Manufacture, Agribusiness, Real Estate, Banking, Media, Province, City, and NGO.

The criteria used as control to this award is substance of green policy carried out by entities mainly five essential aspects for recovery of global climate issue such as climate change mitigation, energy saving, appropriate water use and waste, development of bio diversity and green building concept application.

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